Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Sarah Palin Church Video

Hear the 1 minute show:

With the return the Creationism to national politics brought by vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin, the atheists have already jumped into the fray. Less than a week after her nomination, Richard Dawkins, atheist superstar par excellence and one of creationism’s most vocal critics, distributed a video of Palin titled: "US VP Candidate Sarah Palin Exposes Herself as a Religious Nut". Palin gave a commencement address at her old church in Alaska whose pastor claims “that the 9/11 attacks and the invasion of Iraq were part of a 'world war' over the Christian faith, one in which Jesus Christ had called upon believers to be willing to sacrifice their lives.”

Here are the unedited videos - you decide:

The Sarah Palin Church Video Part One

The Sarah Palin Church Video Part Two