Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Creationism, the Constitution, and the Mormon Mess in Texas

Somehow, the same constitutional law that scientists invoke to keep creationism out of the classroom has now appeared to favor polygamy in the bizarre case of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints in Eldorado, Texas.

Hundreds of pro-bono lawyers looking to distinguish their careers by being associated with the case (& staying in the national news cycle), have won their appeal in a citing that uses the Establishment Clause of the US Constitution to guarantee the rights of the FLDS, a plural marriage fundamentalist religious cult that established itself near Austin, Texas.

Scientists will have to support this pro-Creationism decision, because if religion cannot influence secular education, then secular education cannot influence religious practices. This means that the court's decision is a left-handed compliment to secularists invoking the Constitution's establishment clause to keep creationism out of the classroom.

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