Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sticker shock in Georgia

Transcript of today's show:

After years of legal battle, Georgia courts have finally decided whether placing Darwin warning stickers in biology textbooks is kosher. For years, upper and lower courts have tossed this issue back and forth like a hot potato. School officials have been ordered to remove stickers that warn that evolution is a theory, not a fact, and should be studied with great care and caution. Said one observer, “the school district can now focus on providing a sound education to its students.” [source: Washington Post]

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Sound Off: Science & Faith. Our point/counterpoint regulars Shelley (the voice of science) and Peter (the voice of faith), comment on the story.

The Voice of Science: Shelley Greene, Ph.D., comments:
I’ve been watching this cockamamie case twist and turn like a soap opera from its beginning. And yes, in the end, sanity and sobriety prevailed. How can one think that labeling Darwin theory as toxic will protect innocent young minds from taking a peek anyway? Kids are like magnets to all that is taboo. The psychology of the sticker idea was na├»ve to begin with, and I, for one, am relieved for the students of Georgia.

The Voice of Faith: Peter Williamson, M.Div., comments:
I commend the perseverance of the Cobb County school officials. They stood up to tremendous resistance and moments of harsh criticism. Although their case has been overturned, their conviction most certainly has not. The Christian community may have lost this round, but we are not down for the count.