Monday, March 26, 2007

Competing for brains in a new board game

Transcript of today's show:

Intelligent Design enthusiast and former actor Kirk Cameron is busy promoting a new board game he co-authored. The game pits evolution believers and non-believers against one another in a competitive battle for brain power. Players of the game are represented with a small rubber brain and compete for brain cards. Although Intelligent Design is a strictly secular theory, evangelical Christian Ken Ham praises the game for revealing the bankruptcy of evolution and proclaiming biblical authority. [source: Living Waters]

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Sound Off: Science & Faith. Our point/counterpoint regulars Shelley (the voice of science) and Peter (the voice of faith), comment on the story.

The Voice of Science: Shelley Greene, Ph.D., comments:
So you ID guys are not relentlessly dull and serious after all. Apparently the Great Designer endowed you with a gene or two of humor. I’ve seen your cute little computer game somewhere on the Discovery Institute website, where the player (your think tank) shoots down pandas. Don’t worry, no offense taken. We’ve all got to laugh once in a while about our differences, lest we devolve into sullen warriors fighting for our cause. This is great guys, I mean it!

The Voice of Faith: Peter Williamson, M.Div., comments:
I personally believe that children learn best when they are enjoying their learning activity. Not only will this game be a wonderful amusement for adults, I believe that its most significant application will be in the education of our children. This form of play will teach them the skills of thinking for themselves, understanding the significant differences between Creation theory and evolution, and even learning how to refute atheistic science.