Friday, May 18, 2007

Christian clergy: leave science to the scientist and religion to the churches

Transcript of today's show:

Over 10,000 Christian church leaders have signed a letter
that rejects the evangelical notions that Christians must choose between religion and science. On Sunday, February 11, one day before Charles Darwin's birthday, churches across the US participated in Evolution Sunday, celebrating that the Bible and evolution theory can co-exist. Advocates of Intelligent Design theory claim that Evolution Sunday is the height of hypocrisy. Evolution Sunday simply declares that science remain science and religion remain religion, different but compatible forms of truth. [source: The Clergy Letter Project]

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Sound Off: Science & Faith. Our point/counterpoint regulars Shelley (the voice of science) and Peter (the voice of faith), comment on the story.

The Voice of Science: Shelley Greene, Ph.D., comments:
Evolution Sunday is in fact a celebration of the separation of church and state. It is encouraging to see such a large number of Christians willing to think for themselves, and to embrace the idea of inclusion in place of fundamentalist 'either/or' thinking. Is there not room in God's vast creation for Darwin theory to exist?

The Voice of Faith: Peter Williamson, M.Div., comments:
Frankly, I am appalled and outraged to learn of this letter being passed around and signed so carelessly by Christians. This amounts to a flat-out rejection of the Word of the Bible. Are these Christians jumping on a liberal bandwagon or simply lacking the courage to voice and live by their convictions?